Living as Hobbits

Ever since Hobbits and their way of life was introduced in the novels of J.R.R. Tolkien and presented in the films of Peter Jackson, who looks like one of the Hobbits and with whom I share the same date of birth, I was interested in that type of houses that were introduced by Hobbits; what was the feeling like and were they comfortable as they look I wonder, after all, Hobbits are peaceful being and to them comfort is very important. 
In New Zealand, where they recorded both trilogies, the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbits, and I hold my fingers cross to make the trilogy of the Vilins, the film industry joined their forces with tourism and so the scene stage become one of the most known and visited touristic places, where you can re-enact life of Hobbits and join their special celebration as on 22. September is International Hobbit Day. Because New Zealand is not next to my door I visited similar place in a region that I live. And it is really a pleasant feeling when you enter a space like that, it is warm and cold at the same time, and above all magical, as it is expected from the world of fairy tales.