Two friends and their dreams

There is nothing sweeter than meeting by coincidence two little dwarfs, that bring laughter and joy. That was the case in this two little girls. First I saw two little dogs, and I comment how scared they look. 
»They look always like that,« said the girl, about 11 years old. 
The more braved dog approached me and soon the other dog followed. 
»They are boy and girl and are a couple. But she is also his mother,« said girl.
What?« I asked astonished.
»Well, she gave birth to him, and when she was in the mating season, she becomes his partner as well, so that’s why she is his mother and girlfriend.«
We look at each other in astonishment, and another little girl nodded.
We introduced to each other and the girls say they are friends and distant cousins; and while they observe my camera that I was holding in my hand, I asked them if they want to have a photo with their dogs. Girls were joyful about it and I called their parents.
They said they preferred to play in the woods and showed me their corners in the forest; beautiful paths and streams, and the spruce tree on which the father of one of them climbed.
»When I grow up I will be a veterinarian,« says the first girl, and the other girl added that she will have an animal shop next to her friend veterinarian office. And I thought, if we could only keep this note that we had inside as children, where the whole world is in the palm of your hand and whatever you want, you can manifest it.